Process Organization


Within a context of ongoing change involving a search for efficacy and performance within th organisation, we support our clients in redefining their organisational layout using a methodology based on the following stages:
Diagnostics of the current situationTransformation plan
This stage is essential as it allows us to visualise the structure and operation of the system in order to:
  • Improve our understanding of the system
  • Evaluate the company's performance
  • Analyse failures
  • Identify areas for improvement
3 key deliverables are associated to this stage:
  • A global audit: The goal here is to perform an organisational, operational and technical audit to improve identification in all aspects of the company,
  • Process modelling: The goal here is to formalise the operation of the company in order to improve failure analysis results,
  • Application mapping: The goal is to describe the entire range of applications used by the project stakeholders.
  • Aberdeen Services uses an approach based on the modelling of targeted processes and the creation of a master plan defining the various possible scenarios in achieving the target organisational layout.
  • Targeted process modelling: the goal is to macro-model processes using previously-identified optimisation points.
  • Master plan: The goal is to implement a strategy designed to align the company's IS with the strategic and organisational challenges it is facing.