Project Management


Project management is essential on structuring and overseeing the correct progress of a project...

Based on 3 pillars:Clearly defined steps:
  • Quality : When the project involves the implementation of new structures (organisational layout, processes and/or IT systems), it is essential that the deliverables are of the required standard.
  • Deadlines : A project has both start and end points and the plan must be adhered to by all stakeholders.
  • Costs : Corporate budgets are not unlimited, and controlling the costs of a project remains one of the crucial aspects of project management.
To these 3, we also add a 4th pillar:
  • Customer satisfaction : If the previous 3 targets have been met but the customer is still not satisfied, the project has failed. Customer satisfaction must therefore be at the heart of project management.
  • The implementation of an effective project structure
  • The generation of trust, and the involvement of the team
  • Involving project leaders in a lively manner with active participation
  • Clearly defining project tasks, responsabilities, associated skills and resources
  • Implementing an optimised planning process
  • Maintaining real-time transparency of the advancement of the project
  • Communicating and sharing progress reports, plans, dashboards and risk assessments